These laws are in place for a reason: TO SAVE LIVES


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During the entire month of May, 2008, traffic enforcement officers across British Columbia were engaged in a month long battle against High Risk Driving behaviours. North Pacific Traffic Services, a 6 member provincial Traffic Enforcement unit based out of Terrace, was also heavily involved in moncler jacket sale this campaign. The North Pacific Traffic Services unit patrols all highways and roadways throughout the entire Northwest of the province, moncler outlet uk encompassing 10 different RCMP Detachment areas.

monlcer down jackets The focus of North Pacific Traffic enforcement during this campaign fell on aggressive driving tactics with a goal to making the roadways safer for all users. monlcer down jackets

moncler sale outlet During the month, the North Pacific Traffic Services unit laid 527 charges that ranged from moncler outlet sale criminal offences to provincial violation tickets. The cheap moncler coats enforcement charges can be broken down as follows: moncler sale outlet

cheap moncler sale Impaired Driving Charges 10 cheap moncler sale

Aggressive Driving Charges 329 moving violations that involve risk to the motorist, or others class=TINb>Occupant Restraint Charges 120 general seatbelts use as well as child restraints class=TINb>Prohibited Driving Charges 3

moncler outlet store Other non moving Violations 65 moncler outlet store

moncler outlet online In addition to these charges, members of the North Pacific Traffic Services unit cheap moncler jackets sale seized illegal drugs from three vehicles, and issued a total moncler factory outlet of fifteen 24 hour suspensions for alcohol as well as drug impairment. moncler outlet online

moncler outlet During the course of the month, one fatal traffic crash was recorded within the patrol boundaries of the North Pacific Traffic Services unit. This single vehicle crash occurred cheap moncler jackets on Highway 37 North near Bell II. The crash is believed to have been caused by driver fatigue. cheap moncler outlet The death of the driver has been found to be attributed to a lack of seatbelt use. moncler outlet

Although the month long campaign is over, motorist are reminded to always drive carefully and respect the motoring laws. These laws are in place for a reason: TO SAVE LIVES.

cheap moncler moncler outlet store coats North Pacific Traffic Services would also like to remind motorists that although the campaign is over, the enforcement focus is not. These enforcement efforts are in place year round for a reason: TO SAVE LIVES. cheap moncler coats

oh joy!

cheap moncler moncler jackets outlet jackets Comment by steve on 3rd June 2008 cheap moncler jackets

cheap moncler Is it such a big deal that the RCMP are doing their jobs that they have to issue a press release? While its nice that they have fined some drivers terminology, not mine is moncler outlet it the best use of limited resources to have someone or three sitting on a highway in the middle of nowhere racking up and filling their quotas by ticketing individuals barely exceeding artificially low speed limits in the name of I have the utmost respect for the rank and file of the RCMP, Here a tip for the upper management. Fellas stop off at any bar and ask where the crack and e dealers are. Spend your time, efforts moncler outlet jackets and manpower chasing the weasels poisioning our children instead of getting your men and women to lurk in the woods like the big bad wolf. cheap moncler

12 k over does not a driver make.

What about ATV use?

buy moncler jackets Comment by K. Petho on 3rd June 2008 buy moncler jackets

moncler sale I am very thankful North Pacific Traffic Services was successful in the month of May. I myself was heading to Prince George just last week when an oncoming vehicle swerved into my lane on a straight stretch; I assuming fatigue was a factor as well. The large truck missed my vehicle with only a few feet to spare. moncler sale

I just like to mention the increase of ATV use on residential streets in Thornhill. I understand it fun and many people stick to the trails and even slow down when passing people walking their dogs. Unfortunately, there are a few who ride around after dark in the wrong lane without any lights on! moncler sale outlet Not only is this dangerous for oncoming traffic but dangerous for the ATV user. I would feel awful if I hit an ATV in the dark of night. Not to mention these users are flying around well past one in the morning on residential streets.

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