My twin brother has had a heart attack at 48

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cheap replica handbags ‘Cambridge metro plans are the step change the city needs’An autonomous tram like service could be up and running by 2026Plans for a new metro transit system in Cambridge were hailed as ‘long overdue’ when they came before councillors for the first time today(January 18).The new autonomous service would run through tunnels under the city and connect to surrounding towns and villages.Electric tram like vehicles on rubber wheels would run every five minutes on segregated routes and link up with existing busway routes.Construction of up to 42 high replica bags km of new infrastructure, replica bags china built at a cost of up to billion, could start by 2023.The metro concept was presented to members of the Greater Cambridge Partnership Assembly for the first time by consultants Steer Davies Gleave today (January 18).Various 7a replica bags wholesale transport options that could provide a long term solution to Cambridge’s increasing congestion were looked at, including light rail, monorail, cable car and rapid bus system.Consultants concluded a Cambridge Autonomous Metro (CAM) was the best solution to provide a segregated, high frequency service, that could better connect Cambridge to St Ives, Cambourne, Waterbeach, Newmarket and Haverhill.The potential stops and connections in the new networkFunding for the project could be found through a combination of local taxes and rates, developer contributions, land value capture mechanisms and central government money.The reasons why everyone will want to live in Cambridge in 2018Members of the assembly broadly welcomed the proposal that could transform Cambridge’s transport network.Cambridge city councillor Tim Bick said: “I think if it’s done nothing else its succeeded in centralizing the debate about what can be done of this nature in this city.”It’s something we badly needed. There have been so many ideas surface over the 7a replica bags wholesale last decades over the way this mass transit service could be achieved. It’s long overdue that we started funneling that down.”The new driverless metro would run on rubber wheelsClaire Ruskin, CEO of Cambridge Network said: “I’m delighted to see that it is ambitious and progressive, I think that businesses and residents will welcome this with enthusiasm because it does stand a chance of giving us the step change we need.”While Sir Michael Marshall, of the Marshall Group, commented: “It’s a brilliant concept, but it must not be at the cost of other improvements cheap replica handbags.

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