Mechanisms do exist within the system to punish those who abuse

Stephen Harper says on Ben Shapiro show

We have a whole shit load of folks spinning all kinds of bullshit though. It a problem the last few years.This is true. However cheap canada goose credibility is always a consideration taken seriously within the immigration courts. The level of evidence you have to show varies depending on the basis of your claim refugees must show a serious possibility (50%) of torture, risk to life/risk of cruel or unusual treatment but regardless you MUST show BOTH objective and subjective evidence.Mechanisms do exist within the system to punish those who abuse it. Someone who has been found to have deceived the immigration courts will have their status vacated by the Minister and will never be allowed to claim refugee or protected person status again. America is already over $20 trillion in debt. Her proposals would increase that debt dramatically and servicing the debt would end up eating a greater and greater portion of the budget. America can only take on debt canada goose outlet woodbury because other entities are willing to buy government bonds, essentially acting as creditors to America. If they take on too much debt, no one is going to want to purchase those bonds, the same way a bank will not increase canada goose outlet black friday the limit on your credit card if you have too much debt. America will not be able to run a deficit and the social safety net will collapse because such a large portion of the government canada goose outlet vancouver income will go toward servicing debt. This has been a problem under both canada goose outlet germany Democrats and Republicans for the last 30 odd years with Bush Jr. and Obama both dramatically increasing the debt through the War in Iraq and trying to dig America out of a Recession respectively.The environment I agree with you on. It is the biggest point I disagree with the right on. Part of that is people need to maybe accept that they can have as much, because the Earth has a limited number of resources. I think that a lot of politicians on the left are talking canada goose outlet new york out of both sides of their mouth when they promise robust, resource intensive programs and also promise to save the environment. I think if you want equality and to save the environment everyone probably needs to live a more modest lifestyle, but instead it seems a lot of the younger politicians on the left think they can bring everyone up to an American upper middle class lifestyle and save the planet. There are not enough resources on earth to do this.My two main concerns are generally the environment and public debt.Mainly because of republicans sending all that taxpayer money straight to the military industrial complex, so that it can line the pockets of the owners and shareholders, and then a fraction of it returns back to the political parties in the form of campaign contributions.America will not be canada goose victoria parka outlet able to run a deficitWhich is what the current president is doing, to the tune of nearly a Trillion dollars even though it one of the greatest economic periods in recent US history. Weird how that happens, you think they be paying down the debt instead of shelling out tax breaks for the ultra rich. Something Cortez wants to stop, I might add.Honestly, I think the plate Cortez wants to serve is probably a bit too canada goose parka outlet uk heavily weighted in expensive things they might not be able to afford. That being said, I really think education and healthcare are more worth investing in than warDid you even read my post? I made it pretty clear that I think blame belongs to both American parties. They have both made it pretty clear at this point they have no intention of fixing America finances.Also, it is not “mainly because of Republicans” Obama took on massive amount of debt to buoy the economy during the 2008 financial crises and that crises was in part a direct result of the deregulation of credit default swaps put in place during the Clinton administration:The house approved this 377 4. Fucking four people voted against it. Bernie Saunders fucking voted for it. Nancy Pelosi fucking voted for it. If you ever need proof that both parties are in Wall Street back pocket there it is. Anyone who had a hand in passing that fucked the American people.Look how much American public debt grew during the time Obama was in charge:It totally eclipses all debt taken on by the United States throughout its entire history up to that point, even when you adjust for inflation between the end of the Bush Jr. administration and the end of the Obama administration. Not that I blame Obama. His hands were pretty well tied by the time he came to power. Even a huge chunk of the debt Bush Jr. took on was due to the financial crisis, as he spent $700 billion bailing out banks.So no, the current national deficit is not “Mainly because of republicans”, the majority of it is almost directly due to a piece of legislation that both parties voted for and was singed into law under a Democrat President.Here the real scary chart. Look at how much it ballooned since the great recession:Here in Canada, we concerned when the provincial debt to GDP breaks the 40% mark in provinces like Newfoundland, Ontario and Quebec. In the US it over 100 percent of their GDP. This is absolute canada goose outlet store near me insanity. It is at the point where it is not feasibly possible for the United States of America, the biggest economy in the world, to pay off its debt.Forgive my edits. I fixed some things here and there for clarity and to try and avoid misunderstandings.Which is what the current president is doing, to the tune of nearly a canada goose outlet england Trillion dollars even though it one of the greatest economic periods in recent US history.

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