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hermes kelly replica The FRA, under the Directorate of Technical Education, is responsible for regulating the fees of all unaided private professional colleges in the state.The GR was in reply to a query by FRA in July, on whether they still have to accept proposals of upgrading fees from technical institutes offering diploma courses, after they were denotified from the list of professional courses in the same month.to the law, FRA only regulates the fees of private professional colleges in the state. Since these courses are not professional on paper, we sought clarity from the government on our jurisdiction, said a senior official from FRA.In June, the state government made it compulsory for students from reserved categories applying for professional courses to submit original caste certificates at the time of admission.Until then, these students were allowed to submit their caste certificates within three to six months of Hermes Handbags their admission.opting for professional courses apply for caste certificates when they are in Class 12 whereas diploma applicants are all Class 10 pass outs and it was becoming difficult for them to get certificates. The government had therefore denotified diploma courses from the list of professional courses, said Aniket Ovhal, Mumbai secretary for Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), who had sought respite for the current academic year.The GR clearly stated that diploma courses, despite not having the course on paper, will remain professional in every other manner.. hermes kelly replica

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high quality hermes birkin replica Police in Cambridgeshire shamed for bad driving and parkingThe Facebook page has more than 2,200 ‘likes'”At first it was just on Cambridge but Facebook said that was victimisation and took it down so I said what if I do Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire and they said that was fine but it only lasted two hours and was shut down so I went back to them and said what if it is East Anglia and they said that was fine.”This isn’t victimisation of the police and 99 per cent of them do a good job, but there are some that don’t and it is right they are held to account like any other road user.”Sometimes there might be legitimate reasons for parking on double yellow lines but one person who saw police do this said they were just getting a Chinese takeaway.Have you spotted any dozy parkers? Send us your pictures”And the patrol car on the M11 was driving dangerously and weaving between lanes and another was hogging the outside lane. Anyone else would be fined or could loose their license for doing these things.”He added: “I think this page is the first of its kind as I haven’t seen any others and it is really taking off.”Misguided: 12 of Hermes Bags Replica the Hermes Replica Bags worst busway bunglesOne follower of the page posted a photograph of what appears to be a police officer in a lorry using a speed camera on the A14.They said: “I was driving along the A14 earlier when a lorry overtook me. I was doing 70mph, so it must have been doing 80? So I thought it had been stolen.”I followed it and got beside it to take a photo for the police high quality hermes birkin replica.

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