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An Exclusive Interview with Musicians Contact Founder Sterling Howard

Hollywood Sentinel founder Bruce Edwin brings readers of NewsBlaze an exclusive interview with the founder of Musicians Contact.Musicians Contact has been connecting musicians and bands together for over forty five years, from club and casual moncler outlet online groups, to traveling bands, concert, and recording moncler outlet sale acts, their site reports.Sterling Howard was a young rock vocalist playing Hollywood clubs in the late sixties. Finding the right band members was always a challenge, he states. There were no magazines or papers at this time for players to connect with each other, he adds moncler sale on his website.Sterling realized there was a need for a contact service, so he opened an office Moncler Outlet upstairs in the Whisky a GoGo. The idea he says, was an immediate hit. By distributing flyers on the Sunset Strip and posting ads in music stores, a large number of musicians and bands soon reportedly began connecting at the new referral service.Within a year the office was moved to a larger location. In the early 1970 traveling bands found members as they passed through California, and as word spread, groups from other states called for replacements. Full time working cover acts became more popular, hiring players for road gigs, Sterling reports.By the end of the decade, Sterling office staff had grown to five, and a branch office was opened near Disneyland. Las Vegas groups imported players, and country artists and jazz acts started using cheap moncler the service to hire available players, he says. Soon, he adds, disco was dominant over rock in the clubs, before new wave rock knocked out disco.In those days, the job listings were distributed moncler mens jackets to individual musicians either by phone or cheap moncler coats in person, but a major moncler outlet store change was soon to come. his site reports. Sterling hired a team of technicians to build a custom made computer connected to seven tape recorders. Members could now call 24 hours, enter a cheap moncler outlet password into their phone, and hear current available jobs. It was primitive by today standards, but he says it worked in 1983!By 1990, Sterling says that cruise buy moncler jackets ship jobs became more popular and gigs arrived from Asia, seeking players for R funk and soul groups. In 1995, it was time to upgrade the call in hotline yet again with an advanced voice mail system, allowing musicians to record their profiles and demos right over the phone, his site reports.By 1998, Musicians Contact went online with it first website, and became a national service, although he reports, about half of the members were still using the moncler sale outlet phone system to get their gigs!Sterling says that there have been various website updates and changes to the cheap moncler jackets site, culminating in what we monlcer down jackets see today. But, the basic function has always been the same since 1969 he says; a referral service for bands and musicians to find each cheap moncler sale other.Listen to the exclusive interview with Sterling here discussing some of his famous clients, favorite gigs, new technology, and more.This biographical textual content is (c). Musicians Contact dot com. All other titles, commentary, and audio (c). The office of Hollywood Sentinel, and Bruce Edwin do not endorse any ads or links that may appear on or within this story. Bruce Edwin, Hollywood Sentinel, and affiliates make no claims and assume no liability for any content herein, including, but not limited to inserts, photos, or hyperlinks.

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